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Transducers and Hydrophones

Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems has over 60 years experience in the design, fabrication and test of acoustic transducers and hydrophones for the USN. We are the recognized experts in the application of single crystal for underwater transducer applications. Our acoustic test facilities including the only hydrostatic transducer self noise test facility in the country, multiple test pools and tanks and a secure calibrated quarry provides us the unique capabilities needed to support our customers.

Our specialized design techniques and high quality fabrication processes developed for broadband Single Crystal transducers and have made Ocean Systems, the USN’s preferred source for this capability. Additional offerings include the custom design and innovative use of flextensional, tonpilz, segmented rings, striped rings, bender, and more conventional ceramic rings, plates discs and cylinders. We concentrate in solving the unique challenges of deep ocean, high pressure applications associated with submarine and deep submergence vehicles.

Transducers and Hydrophones Products




Images courtesy of US DoD

The unique material properties of single crystal make it the enabling technology for revolutionary Navy devices requiring a compact acoustic system capable of high power, broadband transmission. As the leader in this exciting transducer technology, Ultra Electronics has developed single crystal design concepts for a variety of cutting edge devices, including the Next Generation Countermeasure (NGCM), a Acoustic Communications (ACOMMS) Buoy, Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD), a winch-deployed Flexible Towed Countermeasure (FTCM) and Flexible Towed Source (FTS). The following are just a few of the single crystal transducer designs developed and fabricated by Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems.

1. Single Crystal Transducer2. Single Crystal Transducer3. Single Crystal Transducer

1. Segmented Ring Transducer, TRS Technologies SBIR DATA Rights apply
2. Triod Transducer, US Image Acoustic Patent 7,292,523, B2
3. Segmented Ring Hybrid Transducer, NUWCDIVPT (H. Robinson) Design

The TR-317 tonpilz transducer element is the building block for the spherical bow array for the 688-I, Virginia class submarine. The array functions as the high power active and passive sonar and search tool. Ocean Systems is currently in production delivering a planned 5,000 TR-317s to the USN. This new element, redesigned by Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems and its teammate Massa Products, provides the Navy with a substantially lower cost transducer with comparable performance to legacy configurations. Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems and Massa Products are applying proven design approaches and lessons learned from the previously successful TR-353 program to achieve the TR-317D cost and performance objective. The program successfully completed First Article qualification on schedule and is delivering product to the Fleet over a five year period.

The TR-330A/AN SQS-56 Sonar Transducer is used in surface ship applications and features a mid-frequency operating band. The modular construction of the transducer facilitates assembly into multiple element arrays in any desired configuration to achieve the acoustic performance, beam pattern and source level desired. In service, the transducer element operates in the array both as a high power transmitter and broadband receiver. Ocean Systems is re-designing this element and providing it as the next generation TR-330X transducer to the Royal Australian Navy for their AWD destroyer program.

The DT-513 hydrophone is a wide band, omni-directional device (horizontal X-Y plane) with an integrated preamplifier. The DT-513 hydrophone is used on naval surface ships and submarines.

The DT-513 hydrophone is supplied with an eight-foot pigtail cable assembly with a Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) connector. For extended shipboard runs, an FSS-2 extension cable is available in standard lengths of 150 or 250 feet, and supplied with a mating connector.


The TR-232B performs the high-powered, low frequency transducer function for the AN/WQC-2A Underwater Sonar Communication System. This system is currently in-use on more than 600 naval surface ship and submarine platforms worldwide. The TR-232B transducer is a piezoelectric design and features a horizontal (radial), omni-directional beam pattern.


The TR-233 transducer performs the high frequency function for the AN/WQC-2A Underwater Sonar Communication System.

Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems is the sole supplier of the TR-232B and TR-233 transducers to the U.S. Navy and several international navies.




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