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With the proliferation of modern diesel submarines and increasing emphasis on engagements in littoral waters, there is a growing need to equip warships, naval auxiliaries and submarines with effective protection against torpedoes.

Ultra Electronics offers a complete suite of torpedo defense sensors to detect, classify and localize torpedoes and display the targeting data. Components of this complete solution include:

• Fixed and towed sonar sensors
• Detection, classification and localization processing systems
• Threat evaluation and tactical advice
• Countermeasure selection, programming and launch control
• Expendable and towed torpedo countermeasures.

Ultra is also the consortium lead-company for the TRAPR DCL program, which provides active and passive torpedo detection, classification, and localization as well as Anti-Torpedo Torpedo (ATT) response targeting for the US DON.

Torpedo Defense Systems Products

Torpedo Defense

Images courtesy of US DoD

TRAPR is an active and passive torpedo detection system that generates solutions for hard-kill torpedo defensive systems called the Anti Torpedo Torpedo Defensive System (ATTDS). The TRAPR system is the only system tested to date to exceed US Navy specifications for range and salvo discrimination. This system is engineered to be completely reelable (no rigid tow bodies) to allow for remote or automatic operation. The tow system, winch and processing are designed to operate from a standard ISO container allowing for rotation of assets among platforms, rapid deployment to multiple ship classes and geographic areas of concern. Processing and tactical alerting features are fully adaptable to stand alone operation and full system interface to shipboard combat systems. The modular flexible sensor suite allows performance to be tailored to specific needs and facilitates technology insertion. Crew safety is greatly enhanced as there are no rigid bodies that need to be detached and handled separate from the tow.

The SEA SENTOR™ Surface Ship Torpedo Defense system has been in-service since October 2004, protecting fleets from the increased threat of torpedo attack. With 16 systems delivered to the UK’s Royal Navy, installations on US naval platforms and a recent order by the Turkish Navy, SEA SENTOR™ is the most advanced system available in the market today.

The SEA SENTOR™ system utilizes a towed acoustic passive array especially designed for the detection of torpedoes to classify and localize in-water threats. Tactical advice is presented by the system that is specifically geared to the make, model and current operating mode of the detected threats – single or salvo. Detection ranges to initiate successful defeating tactics are achieved in all conditions; whether operating solo in deep water or in-convoy in busy shipping lanes and littoral waters Countermeasure action is automatically performed according to the tactical advice for the towed system elements. Expendable countermeasures are launched by the operator when prompted to do so.

The SEA SENTOR™ system is available in three variants:

• The Towed Countermeasure System provides continuous underwater countermeasure
action and is designed to replace aging systems with the latest war-fighting capabilities;
• The Torpedo Detection System utilizes the towed acoustic array to detect incoming
threats and integrates onto vessels with existing mortar-launch countermeasure systems
to increase platform survivability;
• The Torpedo Detection and Countermeasure System provides all SEA SENTOR™
capabilities and can be procured outright or achieved through a defined upgrade path.

Integration with C2 Systems The SEA SENTOR™ system is an Open Architecture COTS technology to ease integration with existing ship’s systems and platforms. The display format can be generated in either a Microsoft Windows or X-Windows compatible format, and executed on either a Microsoft Windows or a Linux platform. For optional integration into Command and Control systems, track and threat information generated by SEA SENTOR™ is automatically transmitted over TCP/IP. Designed for small footprint installation SEA SENTOR™ can be operated on corvettes, frigates, destroyers, aircraft carriers, auxiliary vessels as well as commercial craft.

CVLWT is a small multi mission capable torpedo weapon. It requires broadband high power sonar in a compact, energy efficient package to yield a vehicle that can overwhelm enemy homing sonars and have enough range to lead hostile torpedoes away from their targets.

It is under development by NAVSEA PMS415 as the Anti-Torpedo Torpedo variant. Penn State University/Applied Research Laboratory, the design agent has performed extensive in water tests with Ultra’s acoustic nose array. The CVLWT is the transformational weapon needed for Autonomous Distributed Netted Sensor ASW and Torpedo Defense. Ultra is committed to leading the defense industry as the USN demands these new capabilities. We stand ready to build the ATT variant when the opportunity is announced.


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