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Ultra Electronics is a world leader in special purpose sonar leveraging the combined strength of four niche companies located in the US, Canada, and the UK. Within the group Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems has developed the broadest transduction technology base and is capable of design, prototyping, test, and manufacturing sonar applying the most advanced transduction materials and processes available. Our close working relationship with NUWC and the University Affiliated Research Center’s have resulted in successful transitions to production of special purpose arrays, designed by world leading experts in this field.

Special Purpose Sonar Products


Images courtesy of US DoD

The High Frequency Sail Array is an under-ice navigation and obstacle avoidance sonar installed on all U.S. Los Angeles (688I), and VA class submarines. The system is comprised of Projector modules and Receive modules mounted high on the forward portion of the submarine sail. The large vertical aperture of the HFSA receive array yields narrow elevation beam-widths, reducing multi-path reverberation making it well suited for anti-submarine warfare, detecting mines, conducting seafloor and canopy profiling in addition to its under-ice and shallow water navigation and mapping capabilities.

Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems originally designed the hydrophone stave for HFSA and continues to produce the wet-end projector and hydrophone modules making-up the HFSA system. Recent upgrades and design improvements developed and implemented by Ocean Systems has significantly increased overall system reliability and operational effectiveness.


The High Frequency Chin Array is the next generation bow array installed on all Virginia class submarines. The array provides an unprecedented increase in performance due to its large horizontal aperture’s ability to generates very narrow beams for significant echo rejection and improved shallow water performance. The chin array is ideal for active mine, anti-submarine warfare detection, and its passive capabilities have opened up new operational possibilities. The location of the chin array, directly under the bow has an unobstructed acoustic view in front of and below the submarine and provides never before high resolution sonar capability with the submarine at or near the ocean surface.

Co-developed by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems and the U.S. Navy, the MK54 is the next generation anti-submarine warfare weapon deployed from surface ships, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to track, classify, and attack underwater targets. Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems is qualified for providing the Array Nose Assembly for this sophisticated weapon and is in the process of being qualified for the array matching electronics.

The AN/WQC-2A Sonar Communication Set is a single sideband, general purpose voice and CW communication set. It functions as an underwater communications system to link together surface ships, submarines, and coastal-based shore stations. Test range sites and other coastal installations use the AN/WQC-2A to communicate with nearby vessels.

The system is currently installed on most U.S. Navy surface ship and submarines. Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems is a longtime supplier of the AN/WQC-2A, with more than 300 sonar sets produced for the U.S. Navy and foreign customers.

The AN/WQC-2A Set transmits and receives voice, audio and low speed telegraphy in frequency bands for short and long distance underwater communications. The set also can be used to amplify and transmit signals from external sources.

The complete set consists of a Control Station, a Remote Control Station, a Receiver-Transmitter, and Low Frequency and High Frequency Transducers.

Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems produces a family of small hand held sonar systems for military, commercial and public safety applications. The devices all use high frequency sonar to search and locate submerged objects. For military applications, the devices are specially designed to be used in the ocean environment where magnetic sensitive ordnance is a concern. For commercial and safety applications, Ultra offers affordable devices to state and local fire, police and first responder organizations for use in coastal waters, lakes and rivers.

Diver Offerings

DLS-1 is a diver held, self-contained, high-performance device for use in detecting large and small underwater objects. This hand-held sonar is effective in detecting sunken vessels, lost equipment, downed aircraft, and other submerged objects. 

DLS-1 has been particularly effective in locating downed aircraft and in localizing and retrieving the damaged parts necessary for a successful accident investigation and reconstruction. DLS-1 has been a valuable search and recovery tool in major, high profile accidents, such as TWA 800 and Swissair flight 111, as well as recent general aviation accidents off of both the California and New England coasts. This compact, lightweight unit can be operated by a diver using one hand.

The unit functions to depths of 91 meters (300 feet) and has an operating range in excess of 2,000 meters. It has both active and passive modes of detection. The broad bandwidth generates improved range detection in the active mode (CTFM, Continuous Transmission Frequency Modulated signals) -- and in the passive mode facilitates operation with a greater number of underwater acoustic pingers.

The DLS-2A Diver's Locator Sonar Set is a portable, non-magnetic device used by divers to locate and close in on underwater mines, lost equipment, downed aircraft, and other submerged objects.

The unit can operate to depths of 300 feet and features both an active transmit mode, for bearing and range information, and a passive listening mode for bearing-only information.

The sonar's compact, non-magnetic construction enables it to be used by Explosive Ordnance Disposal divers when a low magnetic signature is necessary.

• Compact, non-magnetic construction
• Portable, operational using one hand
• Three selectable range scales
• Continuous Transmission, Frequency Modulated Signal (CTFM)
• Operational depth from surface to 300 feet (91m)
• Active transmit mode, passive listening mode

Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems uses cutting edge acoustic technology to protect fish. Our products deter Clupeids, including American shad, alewife and blue-back herring, and represent fish most commonly entrained or impinged at power generating facilities in the U.S. They also represent a cross section of target species for many fish restoration/preservation efforts by state and federal environmental authorities.

EcoFish™ bridges the gap between economies of hydro installations and fish management programs. EcoFish™ is a behavioral barrier based on state of-the-art hydro acoustic technology used by the U.S. Navy, and perfected by Ocean Systems and the New York Power Authority. Hydroelectric facilities along the Mohawk River have used EcoFish™ to successfully preserve the abundant herring population for over a decade. The guiding sound to safety Nuclear generating facilities on the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Michigan also rely on EcoFish™ to prevent huge schools of alewife from entering their cooling systems.

EcoFish™ is safe, simple and sound; the perfect solution for effectively preserving local fish populations and your company’s profits. EcoFish™ is rated Best Technology Available for Clupeid passage by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

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